• Art Fair 14C

    organized by the Jersey City Arts Council

    Group Connector: Robinson Holloway


    The Art Fair 14C Exhibitor Group is a permanent extension of Art Fair 14C's annual Juried Show, providing sustained resources and support for participating artists. Eligibility for membership is open exclusively to visual artists living or working in New Jersey.


    Allan Gorman

    Betsy Meyer-Donadio

    C.T. Bray

    Catalina Aranguren

    Edward Fausty

    Elizabeth Jordan

    Ellen Burnett

    Gail Winbury

    Irene Christensen

    Jada Fabrizio

    Jean-Antoine Norbert

    Juan Ramiro Torres

    Le'Andra LeSeur

    Linda Streicher

    Maria Tapia

    Megan Klim

    Michael Endy

    Miles Van Rensselaer

    Nathalie de Zan

    Olivia Chae

    Patrick McCoy

    Philip Robinson

    Stoian Valkov

    Thomas Carlson

    Trish Classe Gianakis

    Usumurasaki Kana

    Victoria Hanks

    Woojin Ahn