It’s no secret that many talented artists outside the exclusive, mainstream art world struggle to show their work. The current gallery model, while benefiting a select few artists, leaves most with little means to express themselves. At SHIM we are excited to introduce a new model that serves the undiscovered creative talents of the world.


    SHIM fills gaps.


    Our company was inspired by the rise of the shared digital economy. Innovative startups like AirBNB, Zip Car, and Uber have discovered a booming marketplace inside already existing industries. Rather than building more infrastructures, these companies found new opportunities for what already exists.


    SHIM uses similar strategies to disrupt the art world gallery model. Here, we find ways in which more users can access gallery space without having to rent it outright or create a gallery of their own. Our goal in bringing the shared economy to the art world is to allow our users access to the enormous amount of capital, both creative and actual, currently being expended on autonomous ownership.