In an effort to address the needs of our community and the art world at-large during difficult times, SHIM Art Network is announcing a new category of programs focused on supporting the immediate needs of graduating MFA degree candidates whose studies and capstone projects have been disrupted, postponed, or cancelled due to the global outbreak of COVID-19. The transition from art student to working professional artist is a daunting and vulnerable period even under normal circumstances, and SHIM is committed to doing what we can to help those affected by the extraordinary challenges we face today and in the weeks and months ahead.


    SHIM will launch the following programs in the immediate future for all individual students on track to graduate from a university MFA Program this Spring:

  • For Graduating MFA Students


    The SHIM/MFA Show


    SHIM Art Network will launch an expansive online group exhibition project for all eligible students free of charge. Eligible students can submit one exemplary artwork from their MFA capstone thesis project to be included in a global online exhibition published via SHIM’s Artsy.net platform. The project will amplify and celebrate the diverse voices of the world’s newest generation of emerging fine artists.



    SHIM/Emerge Exhibitor Group Membership


    For graduating MFA students interested in joining SHIM Art Network as an annual member, SHIM will offer discounted membership fees for artists interested in joining our introductory level Exhibitor Group: SHIM/Emerge.


    Annual Members of SHIM Art Network Exhibitor Groups enjoy a robust set of regular benefits via SHIM’s Artsy.net platform, including participation in four quarterly online group exhibitions per year, as well as invitations to participate in Exhibitor Group exhibition projects at SHIM’s partner art fairs, galleries, and pop-up spaces around the world. While our analog projects are currently on hold due to the global crisis, we will be planning to prepare and launch exhibition projects and art fair presentations as soon as it is deemed safe to do so from a public health perspective.


    Graduating MFA students receive a limited time offer for 50% off our standard $100 Exhibitor Group Annual Membership Fee to join, from now until May 31st, 2020.


    SHIM/Emerge Exhibitor Group Membership

    + MFA Capstone Solo Exhibition


    Around the globe, emergency measures to confront the COVID-19 public health crisis has resulted in the postponement or cancellation of countless public events, including the capstone thesis exhibitions that so many graduating students have spent their academic careers working towards. SHIM Art Network is committed to using our resources to help affected students produce online solo exhibition presentations via our Artsy.net platform to promote and increase visibility for their disrupted projects.


    Graduating MFA students receive a limited time offer for 50% off our standard $100 Exhibitor Group Annual Membership Fee to join, bundled with a special $25 Exhibitor Fee for a limited online solo exhibition page on Artsy.net to present their thesis project, from now until May 31st, 2020.

    For University Faculty and Administrators


    Are you a university faculty member or administrator seeking support and solutions for disruptions to your MFA program caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic?


    Special rates are available for universities that would like to provide the benefits described above to their students, either individually or as a graduating class. Please be in touch with us to inquire about how SHIM Art Network can help your institution navigate this crisis.