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    Group Connectors: Devon Stackonis and Jayne Reid Jackson 

    SHIM/Printmaking – Mezzotint is a collective which seeks to promote the works of international contemporary artists working in this highly specialized, centuries-old medium. Participating guild members create, curate, and fund exhibitions exclusively for its members.

    SHIM/Printmaking - 


    Mezzotint is an engraving technique developed in the seventeenth century which allows for thecreation of prints with soft gradations of tone and rich and velvety blacks.


    The process involves indenting the metal printing plate by rocking a toothed metal tool across the surface. Each pit holds ink, and if printed at this stage the image would be solid black. However the printmaker creates dark and light tones by gradually rubbing down or burnishing the rough surface to various degrees of smoothness to reduce the ink-holding capacity of areas of the plate.

    -Tate, UK

    SHIM/Printmaking - 



    • Invitations to participate in guild- and member-initiated exhibitions, portfolios, and projects

    • Info listed on SHIM's Exhibitor Group Page

    • Artsy uploads per semester and per exhibition

    • Invitations to participate in SHIM/Printmaking – Mezzotint exhibitions organized via SHIM Art Network and discounts on Exhibitor Fees


    Barbara Rizza Mellin

    Caroline Koenders

    Cleo Wilkinson

    Connie Wolfe

    Deborah Chapman

    Denise Saint-Onge

    Devon Stackonis

    Donald Furst

    E. Valentine DeWald, II

    E.J. Howorth

    Erin Wohletz

    Faith Thomas

    Guy Langevin

    Hui-ju Chang

    Igor Kashinskiy

    Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco

    Jayne Reid Jackson

    Jeremy Plunkett

    Johannes Vandenhoeck

    Kirsten Flaherty

    Lenny Librizzi

    Leo Rodriquez

    Leslie Shniffer

    Linda Whitney

    Mar Gasca Madrigal

    Marina Kim

    Nan Mulder

    Nozomi Kato

    Peili Huang

    Randie Feil

    Rita Vandevorst

    Silvana Martignoni

    Sjoerd Tegelaers

    Snezana Petrovic

    Sonia Mottier

    Stanley Peach

    Stuart Brocklehurst

    Stuart Duffin

    Tomasz Winiarski

    Yolanda Carbajales

    Yuko Chigawa