• Pell Lucy

    Group Connector: Deborah Barlow


    Pell Lucy is a collective of artists who believe form “possesses an intelligence of its own--an intelligence far deeper and more complex than conscious, discursive thought.” (Taney Roniger)


    Their way of working relies on the primacy of process, materials, intimacy with the physical world and the power of the image itself.​

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    Berri Kramer

    Carole Kunstadt

    Deborah Barlow

    Debra Weisberg

    Denise Manseau

    Diane McGregor

    Elizabeth Mead

    Eve Leonard

    Joanne Lefrak

    Joseph Hayes

    Julie Shapiro

    Karen Fitzgerald

    Kay Canavino

    Kellin Nelson

    Laura Gurton

    Laura Ann Perry

    Lea Feinstein

    Lynette Haggard

    Mi-jin Chun

    Paula Overbay

    Priya Vadhyar

    Rhonda Smith

    Sandra Lerner

    Sarah Slavick

    Scout Dunbar

    Silvia De Marchi

    Taney Roniger

    Tim Rice

    Tina Feingold

    Tracey Adams

    Tracey Maroni

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